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Constructive Qualities Facades .
• stucco facade with stone plinth coating and to the same or similar “bowindows” color finish aluminum main balconies.
• Exterior carpentry in aluminum (class. 3 7th C3) with thermal break and glass type “double glazing” first national brand.
• sliding and folding shutters, aluminum color, except in regard bedrooms overlook terrace.
• stucco facade.
• Exterior carpentry in aluminum (class. 3 7th C3) with thermal break and glass type “double glazing” first national brand.


• entrance hall to the building combining varnished wood siding, stone veneer and basalt or similar acrylic paint.
• Flooring and stairs with pieces of porcelain coating.
• Check Mat.
• Lift KONE brand or similar.

linings homes

• laminated parquet first national brand, color stone.
• Tiling and paving porcelain tiles in bathrooms, first national brand.
• Banks kitchen and lining 70 cm Silestone type agglomerated marble.


• block glass doors in white lacquered wood, matt chrome hardware.
• Built-in type “Buc” internally lined, white lacquered.
• Security doors in access to housing.

Health and taps

• Shower trays mineral resins maximum dimensions.
• Sanitary ROCA or similar.
• ceramic toilets with suspended cabinet with two drawers.
• mixer taps ROCA.


• Kitchen ups and downs, as distribution of the first national brand.
• induction hob, Bosch or similar.
• Hood Bosch integrated into furniture or similar.
• Oven multi function 60cm brand BOSCH or similar.
• Stainless steel sink basin square one.

Terraces and balconies

• flooring imitation wood porcelain slip.
• Point light socket on the terraces.

Install  facilities

• Installation • Installation of solar panels on the roof of the building, according to specifications of the technical building code with accumulator community for the use of hot water.
• Individual heating gas.
• Policy • Pre-installed air conditioning for “Split” in the living room area or ducts (optional, not included in purchase price).
• Telephone antenna terrestrial TV (DTT) • Satellite TV, analog and FM
• Video intercom.
• Pre-installed washer and dryer • Installation of condensation.
• Electrical mechanisms SIMON 82 or similar.

Parking and storage

• • Metal door frame with automatic opening.
• Concrete Pavement signs and parking.
• Storage plastered and painted walls and light point.

Communal Area

• Community Pool, located on the ground covered building. Approximate area of ​​21 m2, more solarium of approx 60 m2.
• Pavement Timbertech, imitation wood color.
• Area drying ground cover.