501 SITU ARQUITECTURA BARCELONA arise from the need to find a way to the reconcile company and research.

Antending to these difficult moments of our time to find enconomical support for research project development, 501 SITU born from a new company generation compromised with:

1- THE RESEARCH AS A FUTURE VALUE 501 SITU will donate the 25% promotions benefits to spinal cord injury research projects whitin the colaboration mark of the Step By Step and the Institut de Recerca de la Vall d’Hebron

2- THE ACTUAL ECONOMIC SITUATION 501 Situ compromises to fit to the actual economic situation building quality promotions at affordable prices and non spectulative.

3- THE SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION The compromise with the enviorment and the society is also one of the pilars of our promotions. GREEN buildings, TECNOLOGICS and AFFORDABLE.